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Monday, August 30, 2010

Thenkachi Ko Swaminathan-stories

Listen to the golden speeches in his golden voice..The speech contains not only very good stories with very precious messages and also a comedy at the end which makes u laugh a lot.With these ingredients,he covered all generations for years.. This voice is always precious..

Click, play and listen to Thenkachi Ko.Swaminathan's speech...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thenkachi ko.swaminathan-speech

               Thenkachi ko.Swaminathan,we all know this great orator who presented programmes in  All India Radio and Indha Naal Iniya Naal on Suntv for many years.  He always talked about the important aspects for human life like confidence,effort etc..But he explains all this with short stories and gives a relevant comedy at the end of his speech.
             Sirikkavum vaipar,Sindhikkavum vaipaar. Everything he renders in a very subtle,slow voice. epdi paesaromnu mukiyam illai,enna paesaromnu dhan mukiyam. He was the best example for this. With this voice he stole all the hearts of Tamil listeners everyday.

Here,U can listen to 2 of his speeches with cute little stories..


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SVe.Sekar drama-Halwa-Listen & Download for free

                         SVe.Sekar is a Tamil film actor,drama writer,comedian and a politician too.He wrote a lot of comedy dramas and acted in it. Many of them had been taken as films too. All are guaranteed for non-stop laughter. Coming to this drama,Halwa,(Ganesh)
                         Sve.Sekar plays the role of a private detective .He also writes Suspense novels but in a false name"Mugamoodi".Heroine Vasanthy is love with the novel writer Mugamoodi not knowing that Ganesh himself is Mugamoodi and tries to join  as Ganesh's assistant..She writes letters to him in a false name "meow".Ganesh and Vasanthy fall in love not knowing each other. Meanwhile,Ganesh's competitor,Madurai,a private detective has vengence with Ganesh reg. a case and plays a plots to spoil the case and his love with meow.What happens next? Listen and enjoy the drama.

***Good luck for endless laughter.***

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vijay tv serials-lovely title songs

Serials are dominating the tv channels now. Mostly, they are about fights between relations(esp. between  maamiyaar and marumagal) and sorts of that.

         But very rarely some serials based on love also telecasted. And their title songs are very melodious ones. Here I have given such special songs of romantic serials, Ithu oru kadhal kadhai, Kadhalikka neramillai and Anbae Vaa. All the three were telecasted on Vijay tv and were very hit serials when they were telecasted.

Click the play button below and enjoy those lovely songs..

 Keep expressing ur Love to ur beloved ones.It doesn't cost anything.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thiruppavai-Tv serial title song

              Now-a-days,title songs of tv serials are very good.
Here is one of such beautiful and meaningful songs.
Thiruppavai,This serial was telecasted on Sun tv on weekdays last year.The serial was also very nice.I liked its title song the most.This is a semi-classical song
sung by Singer Srinivas .It explains about the spiritual character ,
Andal,of Thiruvilliputhur,her life and her love towards Lord Krishna.

Click the link below &
U can download the song for free..
Thiruppavai serial title song-free download