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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vijayalakshmi Navaneethakrishnan songs-gramiya paadalgal

Listen to the songs of VijayaLakshmi Navaneethakrishnan below...:)
Gramiya paadalgal..

* thottukadai orathula...

* aala aala...

* adutharali...

* chandhurarai...

* kambiye klasam...

* karaiyoram aalamaram...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thenkachi ko swaminathan -comedy speech

This speech is definitely a very different one from the usual style of Thenkachi Ko. Swaminathan(Indru oru thagaval fame).
Generally, he speaks about saints and some spiritual matters and then he'll start telling a comedy story regarding that.But in this part of speech, he took a topic "our character determines our profession" and tells simply jokes on it. He took a doctor,Engineer, Lawyer and physics, maths professors as characters. This speech took place at Annamalai university function. So, he handled the speech very lightly ,as the spectators are students.

Just laugh friends...


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mahakavi Bharathiyar songs in albums

Mahakavi Bharathiar,
                 We have heard this great freedom fighter's song in carnatic music concerts and in childrens' reciting competitions.We have also gone through his songs in books. But here are two of his songs with somewhat different refreshing tunes...For the upcoming generations,this is the way to introduce great songs of great poets.

The first song is the channel song of Jaya tv and is aired on the channel twice (morning & evening).

  The second song manayal is an album which we've heard in music channels..
and the speciality is..this one says that husband and wife are both equal in life.

Paayum oli Nee unaku..
Paarkum vili naan unaku..
Poonu vadam nee enaku..
Pudhu vairam naan unaku..
How valuable these lines are! Without one,another one is useless..isn't it?
Read Bharathiyar's songs..Make others read them..The poems are marvellous..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dindugul I.Leoni speech at Semmozhi Maanadu

This may be a very short speech of Leoni.But even with the 10 mins time, he is doing his job very well. what else..? making our stomachs ache with laughter. He had spoken the same..singing old and new tamil  film songs and comparing them. That's his style of speaking and once he starts speaking,we cant stop laughing...Laughter is the wonderful and the best medicine for all the diseases and pains in the world.. Listen and then laugh..


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thenkachi ko. Swaminathan's stories

Listen to the variety of stories of Thenkachi ko. Swaminathan.
Sufi stories, Zen stories, Stories from Mahabharatha,Ramayana etc and also stories of general topics. I cant  imagine howmany books he had studied during his lifetime. Because, without reading books one cannot get such great knowledge. Very Admirable..
               The comedy aspect in this is..When he was popular only through All India Radio, on hearing his religious stories,many people thought that he was also a saint. Once a father with his daughter,came to Thenkachi's place. He pleaded him to bless his daughter for marriage. Thenkachi had no other go and he too blessed her. To his surprise,she got married in another month. Thenkachi himself told about this incident in an interview.

What is good humor?


Zen story

Sufi story