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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Comedy Kadhakalatchebam

Hello folks,
     This is story time...but with some music.Kadhakalatchebam, is a way of telling stories. Generally, in this type of program,they tell stories like Ramayanam,Mahabharatham or our very usual Sathyavan Savithri. But this one is abt some 'pahutharivu' matter with comedy.This song criticizes abt our superstitions,even in sending a rocket to the moon(Namma aalunga andha kaalathil irundhu ippo varaikkum appadiyae dhan irukkanga...enna seiradhu..?).
      This song was sung by the great singer T.M.S in the film 'Engal Thangam'. M.G.R acted in this movie. I really like this song very much..Whenever we hear this song,we can get burst into laughter.

Just listen to this and tell me what u think..


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thenkachi ko.swaminathan stories

                                          Always hearing stories is a joy. That too, hearing stories from our most favourite persons is a great joy. We all were once fond of stories and we lived with the characters..Pandavas,Krishna and even kaaka,nari yaanai our imagination.But.. stopped hearing stories when we started becoming adult.The reason is.. people think that stories are meant only for children. And so we all lost our precious childhood imaginations. A man changed this attitude with his very polite voice. He was Thenkachi ko.swaminathan . He was the person who made those adults hear stories. He was the favourite story teller of most of the adults. Let's hear some more of Thenkachi ko.swaminathan's stories...

Hello Parents..Plz tell stories to ur children.Allow them to imagine.Imagination is the key to Innovation.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Suki sivam speech at Sigarangal2000

  Savale Samali,
                     The speech of Solvendhar Suki Sivam on this topic is from the function Sigarangal2000.The function was held at Singapore.This is a very auspicious function because of the other participants. They were Kavignar Vairamuthu and Munaivar Solomon Poppaiya. And the other attraction is the comperer of the function was Mr.Abdul Hamed of Ceylon radio and the Paatuku paatu program.
Enna Solvadhu..? Indha moondru kuralgalumae Thamizhaga manangalai vittu ahalaadhavai..Here i've given the speech of Suki Sivam. I'm searching for the other two's speech. If anybody know the link for those speeches,
plz tell me..

Listen the golden voices of Abdul Hameed and Suki Sivam here..