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Monday, April 25, 2011

Solomon Pappaiya Pattimandram- April 14 2011

This pattimandram was telecasted on Suntv on... April 14th, Chithirai thirunaal or Suntv's birthday.Whatever..

Usually, The topics of Solomon Pappaiya pattimandram  are very much or completely family oriented. But this time , the topic is a different one.This is based on science and technology.

The topic was
              "ariviyal Vignaana valarchi avasiyama? aabatha?
In English,

"Is science&technology development an essential thing or a dangerous thing?"

Let us say in short, "Is science a boon or ban?"

The arguments were very nice. Actually, It was like reading a month's newspapers all at once.
They added all the happenings of March and April2011 in their arguments, like disaster in Japan,
 World cup cricket etc.,
Now-a-days, In Solomon Pappaiya's pattimandrams, they give chances to new people to speak.
That's a very good aspect I noticed. In this one, both the new people spoke very well.

And then, our favourites, Raja and Bharathy Bhaskar, "Iniya edhirigal?!!!"fought from the opposite teams.
I wonder, atleast in one pattimandram,can they speak for the same side?
If so, what could be the topic???
 But, only their opposite arguments steal the show. So,we cannot expect them to be in the same team. Isn't it?

The judgement,as always, it was a nice one.

Only thing is, how we use the technology.That decides the whole thing.We should try to use everything in a constructive way.
Live and let others live..Let us all prosper..

Listen to the patimandram and enjoy..


Friday, April 1, 2011

Vanga Pesalam-What is April Fool's Day?

Almost all of us may had been fooled by our friends,family members or our classmates on this day.This happens mostly during our childhood. This is one of the very cute happiness of children. You can ask me..Do u say getting ink stains on uniform shirt as happiness? U r right..but that was always a problem to our ammas..who washed our uniforms scolding us.I remember my mom scolding me and all my schoolmates while washing my shirt at kinaththadi after school. But that too counts in the happiest moments of life.

Not only this..Once in tuition class, our teacher gave us some work and went to the nearby shop(petti kadai) to get some things. After that, we were just throwing our books and started playing.
At that time, one of my friends Vaishnavi shouted "madam varanga..madam varanga.." Avlo dhan..We all changed to very sincere, silent students in a fraction of a second. And expected our madam's entry into her home.Poornima started laughing at us and was laughing and laughing, saying " April Fool.."  Simply Imagine..the bulbs on our faces..and the punches she got on her face. That was really  a very sweet moment.
Like this all of us have have our owm moments.These are sweet, coz' this doesn't hurt us.Isn't it?
Making fun without hurting others is always an enjoyable thing.

I had this question in my mind "What is april fool's day? Why is it meant for fooling others?" I searched for
this one day and I got the answer. But it will be very much interesting when our favourite pattimandram speakers Raja and Bharathi Bhaskar share the reason with us. They were sharing this in the program "Vanga Pesalam" on Suntv. I found just one reason, only the Nova's Ark matter. It is surprising to hear the other reasons and other happenings.

You all too enjoy listening to the conversation..