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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Malgudi shubha -tamil pop album

Malgudi Shubha, the one with the 'ganeer ganeer' voice..She started her career from singing jingles in ads..
the very famous one was the "sottu neelam doi" which she sang in AR.Rahman's music. Then she started singing in pop albums. Her album was one of the few which made Tamil pop albums to be noticed by everyone.
Especially ,this song "Valpaarai Vattapaarai.." made every one hum it. This is one of my very favourite melodious pop albums. The music ,its lyrics and the picturization , everything was perfect. And it tells u a good romantic story in app. 4 mins.

Listen it here.. and scroll down for the beautiful lyrics..

See the beautifyl lyrics..

Valpaarae Vattapaarae
Mayilaadum paarae manjapaarae
Nandhipaarae Sandhipaarae
avaru enna mattum sindhipaarae
paarae ennapaarae..

Ettipaathu nipaarae
aengi aengi papaarae
aerikarae orathulae kaathirupaarae
rendu kannam thaenbarae
vindu vindu thimbaarae
Valpaarae vattapaarae..

Sembaruthi nenjara sammadhathai kaepaarae
Saadhi sanam sendhirukka kai pudipaarae
Vambalakku oor vaayae
vaayadakka vepparae
Valpaarae vattapaarae..

Thotta manapparae
nei murruku kaepparae
nei murukku saakilayae
kai kadipparae
Paalirukkum sembaarae
pasi dhaagam theeparae
Valpaarae vattapaarae..

There is an another song of her which is not a film song .She sang it in Airtel super singer Junior of Vijay tv.
Hear that in my very next post.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dindugul I.Leoni Pattimandram-Diwali 2010

This pattimandram of Dindugul I.Leoni's team was telecasted on Diwali day on kalaignar tv.
I think, "Ulaga tholaikaatchigalil mudhal mudhalaga" oru pattimandrathirku vilambaram pottu retelecast pannadhu idhukku dhan. Coz, this one was very superb and very much enjoyable.
Topic was "Thirai isai padalgal thirapadathin vetrikku thunai purigiradha illaiya?"
In English, "Does cine songs help for the success of films or not?"
For Leoni, indha topic halwa saapidaramaadhiri dhan illaya? Kacheri kalai kattiruchunga..
That too , the speech of Kavignar Iniyan was very very humorous..The highlight of his speech is the very "karuthuful" meanings he gave for the latest songs  relating to the tamil puranams..
Some of his best karuthus are..
* Naaka mukka - Silappadhigaram
* aruva paaravai koduva meesai - kandhapuranam
* daddy mummy vaaetil illai song- Ramayanam
* Lalaku dol dappi ma - as song for pen viduthalai
* kattai kaattai Naatu kattai song(???!!!)
* daalu maiya dolu maiyya dummela- for military people
* O mahasiya song from Tamil Padam - Bharathiyar kavidhai

To our surprise, the meanings he gave were very convincing..Ukkandhu yosippangalo..
The commentary Leoni gave each and every second added flavour to the show.
Really, this one made people laugh laugh and laugh..



Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sun tv Tamil serial songs-Adugiran Kannan & Anandhabhavan

Here are two of my favourite tamil serial songs..These serials "Adugiran kannan" and "Anandhabhavan" were telecasted on Suntv few years ago. These were mega serials but without the usual
'aal vechchu adikaradhu, nee epdi vaazhdhudarenu naan pathudaren'
dialogues and rubbish sequences. (I dont know why these serial directors cant find a positive plot now-a-days for serials). Those were very decent family serials. They were hit serials of those days. Chetan played the lead role in both. And my favourite thing is the title songs. Very soft and very melodious ones.

Adugiran kannan's title song was very favourite of many people.It was sung by Singer Srinivas. The title song of Thiruppavai -title song was also sung by Srinivas. Best voice for the songs.

Anandhabhavan song was sung by Singer Unni Menon. This one too is an enjoyable song.

Listen to the songs below..:)

***Adugiran Kannan***



Sunday, November 21, 2010

Solomon Pappaiya Pattimandram

Solomon Pappaiya,  This name remains as the dictionary of pattimandrams. If u see his team's topics,u can find the touch with our real normal life.That's one of the reasons for his team's success.His way of leading the show and conveying the judgement without hurting anybody is his best talent.
                    And ah..Coming to his team members there they are... Ms.Bharathy Bhaskar and Mr.Raja, my most favourite speakers. In recent times,one cannot expect a show without these two key speakers. Always they are in the opposite teams and they fight with words very well. Ms.Bharathy Bhaskar always refers to Mr.Raja as "En iniya edhiri". Now they are doing a show "Vaanga Pesalam" on Suntv, discussing about the present day happenings and also about general topics for 10 mins. This one is very informative.I can talk about them even for a full day.Let's come to this pattimandram I've posted here. This one was aired on Sun tv on diwali 2010.

Topic is       "Indraya thalaimurai ilaignargal petradhu adhigama? Izhandhadhu adhigama?"

In English,    "Do present generation get a lot(of pleasures)? or lose a lot((of pleasures)?"

Listen and enjoy..:)


Friday, November 12, 2010

Thenkachi Ko.Swaminathan- stories

Hi Friends,
Here, Some short.. so cute stories of Thenkachi ko.Swaminathan (Sun tv Indru Oru Thagaval fame) again. He can be named as "Thagaval Kalanjiyam" Isn'i it?  Enjoy the story collection.
Siriyungal.. Sindhiyungal...:)

*** Naam Naamaha ***

*** Dhyanam ***

*** Negative thoughts ***


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dindugul I.Leoni- Pattimandram- Kalviya Selvama

Ha.. ha.. ha.. This one is another cute pattimandram of  Dindugul i.Leoni. This one was aired on Ayudha pooja  recently on Kalaignar tv. Very nice to hear. And good one to listen and laugh.. Just click the play button, listen to the pattimandram , laugh ...and enjoy...:)

The topic of the pattimandram is

*** Kaalathal azhiyadhadhu - Kalviya ?   Selvama ?  ***


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vijayalakshmi Navaneethakrishnan-Themmangu padalgal - Download links

Hi Friends,
            This is another set of songs of Dr.Vijayalakshmi Navaneethakrishnan. This album's name is Themmangu Padalgal. Below are the links for the songs.You can download just by clicking on the song name. Collect the precious folk songs and enjoy:)

       *** Aalamarathadi ***

       *** Ayyanae ***

       *** Ellankedakattum ***

       *** Elo minda ***

       *** Katti mari ***

       *** Ammanporandhadhu ***


Monday, November 1, 2010

Vijayalakshmi Navaneethakrishnan songs- download links

I think there are soooo....many fans for Vijayalakshmi Navaneethakrishnan's songs.I've been receiving requests frequently for the download links for these songs.It's nice to see this.Here in this post,i've given the download links for the songs from the album "Gramiya paadalgal".

Click on the song name and u can download..

    *** Thottukadai orathula ***

        *** Aala aala ***

        *** Adutharali ***

        *** Chandhurarai ***

        *** Kambiye klasam ***

        *** Karaiyoram aalamaram ***

Collect the songs and enjoy..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vijayalakshmi Navaneethakrishnan songs-gramiya paadalgal

Listen to the songs of VijayaLakshmi Navaneethakrishnan below...:)
Gramiya paadalgal..

* thottukadai orathula...

* aala aala...

* adutharali...

* chandhurarai...

* kambiye klasam...

* karaiyoram aalamaram...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thenkachi ko swaminathan -comedy speech

This speech is definitely a very different one from the usual style of Thenkachi Ko. Swaminathan(Indru oru thagaval fame).
Generally, he speaks about saints and some spiritual matters and then he'll start telling a comedy story regarding that.But in this part of speech, he took a topic "our character determines our profession" and tells simply jokes on it. He took a doctor,Engineer, Lawyer and physics, maths professors as characters. This speech took place at Annamalai university function. So, he handled the speech very lightly ,as the spectators are students.

Just laugh friends...


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mahakavi Bharathiyar songs in albums

Mahakavi Bharathiar,
                 We have heard this great freedom fighter's song in carnatic music concerts and in childrens' reciting competitions.We have also gone through his songs in books. But here are two of his songs with somewhat different refreshing tunes...For the upcoming generations,this is the way to introduce great songs of great poets.

The first song is the channel song of Jaya tv and is aired on the channel twice (morning & evening).

  The second song manayal is an album which we've heard in music channels..
and the speciality is..this one says that husband and wife are both equal in life.

Paayum oli Nee unaku..
Paarkum vili naan unaku..
Poonu vadam nee enaku..
Pudhu vairam naan unaku..
How valuable these lines are! Without one,another one is useless..isn't it?
Read Bharathiyar's songs..Make others read them..The poems are marvellous..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dindugul I.Leoni speech at Semmozhi Maanadu

This may be a very short speech of Leoni.But even with the 10 mins time, he is doing his job very well. what else..? making our stomachs ache with laughter. He had spoken the same..singing old and new tamil  film songs and comparing them. That's his style of speaking and once he starts speaking,we cant stop laughing...Laughter is the wonderful and the best medicine for all the diseases and pains in the world.. Listen and then laugh..


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thenkachi ko. Swaminathan's stories

Listen to the variety of stories of Thenkachi ko. Swaminathan.
Sufi stories, Zen stories, Stories from Mahabharatha,Ramayana etc and also stories of general topics. I cant  imagine howmany books he had studied during his lifetime. Because, without reading books one cannot get such great knowledge. Very Admirable..
               The comedy aspect in this is..When he was popular only through All India Radio, on hearing his religious stories,many people thought that he was also a saint. Once a father with his daughter,came to Thenkachi's place. He pleaded him to bless his daughter for marriage. Thenkachi had no other go and he too blessed her. To his surprise,she got married in another month. Thenkachi himself told about this incident in an interview.

What is good humor?


Zen story

Sufi story

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Comedy Kadhakalatchebam

Hello folks,
     This is story time...but with some music.Kadhakalatchebam, is a way of telling stories. Generally, in this type of program,they tell stories like Ramayanam,Mahabharatham or our very usual Sathyavan Savithri. But this one is abt some 'pahutharivu' matter with comedy.This song criticizes abt our superstitions,even in sending a rocket to the moon(Namma aalunga andha kaalathil irundhu ippo varaikkum appadiyae dhan irukkanga...enna seiradhu..?).
      This song was sung by the great singer T.M.S in the film 'Engal Thangam'. M.G.R acted in this movie. I really like this song very much..Whenever we hear this song,we can get burst into laughter.

Just listen to this and tell me what u think..


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thenkachi ko.swaminathan stories

                                          Always hearing stories is a joy. That too, hearing stories from our most favourite persons is a great joy. We all were once fond of stories and we lived with the characters..Pandavas,Krishna and even kaaka,nari yaanai our imagination.But.. stopped hearing stories when we started becoming adult.The reason is.. people think that stories are meant only for children. And so we all lost our precious childhood imaginations. A man changed this attitude with his very polite voice. He was Thenkachi ko.swaminathan . He was the person who made those adults hear stories. He was the favourite story teller of most of the adults. Let's hear some more of Thenkachi ko.swaminathan's stories...

Hello Parents..Plz tell stories to ur children.Allow them to imagine.Imagination is the key to Innovation.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Suki sivam speech at Sigarangal2000

  Savale Samali,
                     The speech of Solvendhar Suki Sivam on this topic is from the function Sigarangal2000.The function was held at Singapore.This is a very auspicious function because of the other participants. They were Kavignar Vairamuthu and Munaivar Solomon Poppaiya. And the other attraction is the comperer of the function was Mr.Abdul Hamed of Ceylon radio and the Paatuku paatu program.
Enna Solvadhu..? Indha moondru kuralgalumae Thamizhaga manangalai vittu ahalaadhavai..Here i've given the speech of Suki Sivam. I'm searching for the other two's speech. If anybody know the link for those speeches,
plz tell me..

Listen the golden voices of Abdul Hameed and Suki Sivam here..

Monday, August 30, 2010

Thenkachi Ko Swaminathan-stories

Listen to the golden speeches in his golden voice..The speech contains not only very good stories with very precious messages and also a comedy at the end which makes u laugh a lot.With these ingredients,he covered all generations for years.. This voice is always precious..

Click, play and listen to Thenkachi Ko.Swaminathan's speech...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thenkachi ko.swaminathan-speech

               Thenkachi ko.Swaminathan,we all know this great orator who presented programmes in  All India Radio and Indha Naal Iniya Naal on Suntv for many years.  He always talked about the important aspects for human life like confidence,effort etc..But he explains all this with short stories and gives a relevant comedy at the end of his speech.
             Sirikkavum vaipar,Sindhikkavum vaipaar. Everything he renders in a very subtle,slow voice. epdi paesaromnu mukiyam illai,enna paesaromnu dhan mukiyam. He was the best example for this. With this voice he stole all the hearts of Tamil listeners everyday.

Here,U can listen to 2 of his speeches with cute little stories..


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SVe.Sekar drama-Halwa-Listen & Download for free

                         SVe.Sekar is a Tamil film actor,drama writer,comedian and a politician too.He wrote a lot of comedy dramas and acted in it. Many of them had been taken as films too. All are guaranteed for non-stop laughter. Coming to this drama,Halwa,(Ganesh)
                         Sve.Sekar plays the role of a private detective .He also writes Suspense novels but in a false name"Mugamoodi".Heroine Vasanthy is love with the novel writer Mugamoodi not knowing that Ganesh himself is Mugamoodi and tries to join  as Ganesh's assistant..She writes letters to him in a false name "meow".Ganesh and Vasanthy fall in love not knowing each other. Meanwhile,Ganesh's competitor,Madurai,a private detective has vengence with Ganesh reg. a case and plays a plots to spoil the case and his love with meow.What happens next? Listen and enjoy the drama.

***Good luck for endless laughter.***

Click here for free downlod  Download From FileFactory!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vijay tv serials-lovely title songs

Serials are dominating the tv channels now. Mostly, they are about fights between relations(esp. between  maamiyaar and marumagal) and sorts of that.

         But very rarely some serials based on love also telecasted. And their title songs are very melodious ones. Here I have given such special songs of romantic serials, Ithu oru kadhal kadhai, Kadhalikka neramillai and Anbae Vaa. All the three were telecasted on Vijay tv and were very hit serials when they were telecasted.

Click the play button below and enjoy those lovely songs..

 Keep expressing ur Love to ur beloved ones.It doesn't cost anything.