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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sun tv Tamil serial songs-Adugiran Kannan & Anandhabhavan

Here are two of my favourite tamil serial songs..These serials "Adugiran kannan" and "Anandhabhavan" were telecasted on Suntv few years ago. These were mega serials but without the usual
'aal vechchu adikaradhu, nee epdi vaazhdhudarenu naan pathudaren'
dialogues and rubbish sequences. (I dont know why these serial directors cant find a positive plot now-a-days for serials). Those were very decent family serials. They were hit serials of those days. Chetan played the lead role in both. And my favourite thing is the title songs. Very soft and very melodious ones.

Adugiran kannan's title song was very favourite of many people.It was sung by Singer Srinivas. The title song of Thiruppavai -title song was also sung by Srinivas. Best voice for the songs.

Anandhabhavan song was sung by Singer Unni Menon. This one too is an enjoyable song.

Listen to the songs below..:)

***Adugiran Kannan***



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  1. Do you know the song in Thiruppavai serial to which Deepak & shobana dance during the gokulashtami function?
    I have been looking for the song, I will be glad if you can help.


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