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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Solomon Pappaiya Pattimandram

Solomon Pappaiya,  This name remains as the dictionary of pattimandrams. If u see his team's topics,u can find the touch with our real normal life.That's one of the reasons for his team's success.His way of leading the show and conveying the judgement without hurting anybody is his best talent.
                    And ah..Coming to his team members there they are... Ms.Bharathy Bhaskar and Mr.Raja, my most favourite speakers. In recent times,one cannot expect a show without these two key speakers. Always they are in the opposite teams and they fight with words very well. Ms.Bharathy Bhaskar always refers to Mr.Raja as "En iniya edhiri". Now they are doing a show "Vaanga Pesalam" on Suntv, discussing about the present day happenings and also about general topics for 10 mins. This one is very informative.I can talk about them even for a full day.Let's come to this pattimandram I've posted here. This one was aired on Sun tv on diwali 2010.

Topic is       "Indraya thalaimurai ilaignargal petradhu adhigama? Izhandhadhu adhigama?"

In English,    "Do present generation get a lot(of pleasures)? or lose a lot((of pleasures)?"

Listen and enjoy..:)


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