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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Solomon Pappaiya- Pattimandram on Apr 13, 2012

This pattimandram was telecasted on April 13th (Chiththirai mudhal naal) on Sun tv.

The topic of this debate was

" Indraya pillaigal petravarhalidam edhirpaarpadhu Panama ! Pasama !"

Listen to the pattimandram and enjoy..


Monday, April 2, 2012

S Ve Sekar drama - Ellamae Thamaas dhan

This is one of my most favorite dramas. I always hear this drama for endless laughing. The highlight of the drama is not even the dialogues but the song they used. They used tamil version of the song "Yaadon Ki Baaraat"..

Oh no..The lyrics of the song...I can laugh even if i think of the lines.

(Important notice-If u're a fan of the hindi song..dont hear this song in the drama..
probably u'll get a heart attack.)

For a sample, see this

"Annan nee engae..Thangai naan ingae dhanae..naane naane..
Naan unnoda annan..nee ennoda thangai dhanae..
naane naane"

Wait friends ..dont stop..

"Ammavin purushan nammoda appa dhanae..
.naane naane"

In S.Ve.Sekar drama,after the drama "Halwa",i like this one the most.

Really,you'll enjoy on hearing this drama..

Go ahead..