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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Malgudi shubha -tamil pop album

Malgudi Shubha, the one with the 'ganeer ganeer' voice..She started her career from singing jingles in ads..
the very famous one was the "sottu neelam doi" which she sang in AR.Rahman's music. Then she started singing in pop albums. Her album was one of the few which made Tamil pop albums to be noticed by everyone.
Especially ,this song "Valpaarai Vattapaarai.." made every one hum it. This is one of my very favourite melodious pop albums. The music ,its lyrics and the picturization , everything was perfect. And it tells u a good romantic story in app. 4 mins.

Listen it here.. and scroll down for the beautiful lyrics..

See the beautifyl lyrics..

Valpaarae Vattapaarae
Mayilaadum paarae manjapaarae
Nandhipaarae Sandhipaarae
avaru enna mattum sindhipaarae
paarae ennapaarae..

Ettipaathu nipaarae
aengi aengi papaarae
aerikarae orathulae kaathirupaarae
rendu kannam thaenbarae
vindu vindu thimbaarae
Valpaarae vattapaarae..

Sembaruthi nenjara sammadhathai kaepaarae
Saadhi sanam sendhirukka kai pudipaarae
Vambalakku oor vaayae
vaayadakka vepparae
Valpaarae vattapaarae..

Thotta manapparae
nei murruku kaepparae
nei murukku saakilayae
kai kadipparae
Paalirukkum sembaarae
pasi dhaagam theeparae
Valpaarae vattapaarae..

There is an another song of her which is not a film song .She sang it in Airtel super singer Junior of Vijay tv.
Hear that in my very next post.


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