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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Onnam padi eduthu- Tamil folk song

This song is sung by Vijayalakshmi Navaneethakrishnan and team . This song starts with the line "Senthil Vadivelavarai". So, those who search for this song with the words "onnam padi eduthu"  miss this one thinking that this is a different one. We could have heard this song few years back in school and college culturals. But it has become rare.

Coming to the song.. This is a kummi song.
On hearing the song we can feel the increase of the speed.  It has 8 onnam padi eduthu, rendam padi eduthu, moonam padi eduthu... like this it goes upto ezham padi eduthu..
For each and every padi, the speed of the song increases. Listen to the ezham padi eduthu & ettam padi eduthu. U cant imagine ,how the singers sang the words in such a high speed ..that too without a single mistake. Many of us cant say a tongue twister in half the speed of this song ..Wow..this is amazing..
Mostly the stanza is the same. But with some changes.. For example, for onnam padi eduthu she sings" ora orama" and for rendam padi, rathina kiliya.. and like this it goes on..

It contains a finishing touch too. The finishing stanza is a very cute one.That's part i like the most. It is like saying "Ma, our hands are aching because of dancing and clapping hands(that's kummi). we are all so tired. we have to take rest. So give us permission to take leave." to Mariamman the goddess. Isn't so nice?
This is the beauty of the Tamil culture. We dont separate ourselves from the God. God is like our mother, Father and a good friend. In all the tamil folk devotional songs we can feel this very well.

Listen to the song and enjoy the song..
As always cherish our Tamil Tradition..



  1. Thanks for posting this

    I was exactly looking for this song.. you posted on the right time..


  2. Its Cool Song Thanksss

  3. Thank u so much for the song. been searching for it for a very long time.. Can u suggest/ advice wer i can get the lyrics of the song.

  4. no words to say friend... i search the song at last few month.. thanks a lot for your posting

  5. Romba nandri. Iniya kummi padal. Thodarga intha sevai.

  6. Ya, good song. At last one can feel the ecstasy feeling of God. Any how, it will be good if you provide a download link for this song because after hearing such a good song people feel to keep a copy for themselves.


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