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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thenkachi Ko Swaminathan explaining Thirukural

Thirukkural is the Tamil  book written by the great sage "Thiruvalluvar". He is known as the "Deiva pulavar " and Thirukkural is known as the " ulaga podhumarai" (the common book to the whole world). Thirukkural is the book which is translated in most languages of the world.

Thirukkural consists of 1330 kurals which are divided into 133 adigaarams..
Each adhigaaram(division) contains 10 kurals 133*10  and hence 1330.
Each 10 explains about a topic like charity, love, family life, public life etc..
Each thirukkural contains just 2 lines ...just 7 words..
With just 7 words, he explains very great things.. that's the greatness of Thirukkural..

Always, we've heard only Solomon Popaiya saying meanings for Thirukkural(Sun tv). Even Actor Vivek told a comedy in a film " Vivek :Thirukkuralai ezhudhinadhu yaarnu theriyuma?... Boy : enaku theriyum..Solomon Popaiya "  Have u heard Thenkachi Ko Swaminathan (Indru Oru Thagaval fame)  explaining Thirukural..? Feel the difference here. Here

This one is in the adhigaaram  தெரிந்து செயல் வகை  - deliberation before action
Thenkachi explains the Kural  

                   நன்றாற்ற  லுள்ளுந்  தவறுண்   டவரவர்
              பண்பறிந்  தாற்றார்க்  கடை

In English 

           " Attune the deeds to habitude
             Or even good leads to evil feud " 
In a common man's words  

   " Indha kaalathula udhavi seiyum podhu kooda  romba jaakiradhaya seiyanum..
     illaina adhu namakae danger aahidumnu solraanga.."

A very apt kural for this period ( personal experiencela pulambaraenu ninaikaadheenga..:)) Thenkachi speaks about thiruvalluvar and the thirukural in his own style.. cracking jokes and examples..

Just listen to it  , learn the meaning of the kural and enjoy...



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