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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thenkachi ko. Swaminathan's stories

Listen to the variety of stories of Thenkachi ko. Swaminathan.
Sufi stories, Zen stories, Stories from Mahabharatha,Ramayana etc and also stories of general topics. I cant  imagine howmany books he had studied during his lifetime. Because, without reading books one cannot get such great knowledge. Very Admirable..
               The comedy aspect in this is..When he was popular only through All India Radio, on hearing his religious stories,many people thought that he was also a saint. Once a father with his daughter,came to Thenkachi's place. He pleaded him to bless his daughter for marriage. Thenkachi had no other go and he too blessed her. To his surprise,she got married in another month. Thenkachi himself told about this incident in an interview.

What is good humor?


Zen story

Sufi story

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