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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thenkachi ko.swaminathan stories

                                          Always hearing stories is a joy. That too, hearing stories from our most favourite persons is a great joy. We all were once fond of stories and we lived with the characters..Pandavas,Krishna and even kaaka,nari yaanai our imagination.But.. stopped hearing stories when we started becoming adult.The reason is.. people think that stories are meant only for children. And so we all lost our precious childhood imaginations. A man changed this attitude with his very polite voice. He was Thenkachi ko.swaminathan . He was the person who made those adults hear stories. He was the favourite story teller of most of the adults. Let's hear some more of Thenkachi ko.swaminathan's stories...

Hello Parents..Plz tell stories to ur children.Allow them to imagine.Imagination is the key to Innovation.


  1. Hey dude, I'm a fan of Thenkachi swaminathan.
    I've heard all of his speeches which u posted.
    Thanks for posting these programs. Good luck.

  2. hi... its very nice of u to create a blog on such interesting speeches in tamil. All d best an congrats.


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