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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dindugul I.Leoni Pattimandram-Uravae! Natpae!

This is another interesting debate of Leoni team.
As usual,Leoni makes us laugh a lot. The topic of the debate is

Thunbathil kai koduppadhu- Uravae! Natpae!
(Who is the real helping hand in our distress? Blood relations! or Friends!)

We cant do anything but simply burst into laughter on hearing his speech &
the comments he renders while his team mmbers talk.
Forget about the topic..he has such a crowd pulling factor in his speech..
This is what Prof.Solomon Pappaiya said about him in the pattimandram held during
the Tamil Semmozhi Manadu.

So,Listen to the Pattimandram and enjoy Leoni's speech..

Click the play button below and enjoy..


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