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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vanga Pesalam -Bharathy Baskar and Raja

"Vanga Pesalam" is a program which is being telecasted on Sun Tv  on weekdays after morning news session. This is a very informative and interesting two member discussion session. Solomon Pappaiya Pattimandram fame Ms.Bharathi bhaskar and Mr.Raja are the two  members participating in the discussion . Both are favourite pattimandram speakers of many people and ofcourse, I am not an exception for this.
             They speak about many useful topics everyday. All are useful ones. The discussion is a very decent one and the most important matter is, it is politics free(always). In some topics, they fight fiercely with each other. In some other topics, they agree with each other. In both cases, we can enjoy their talks.
             The reason why I like this is, it is not like talking according to a script which someone has written and rendered to them. It is like when two friends talk about a topic. So natural and so impressive..

              In this discussion ,they talk about Tamil language and about it being hesitated by the younger generation to speak. Everybody should love their mother tongue. Especially, we Tamilians should feel proud to have such a great language as our mother tongue. But the situation is almost upside down . Isn't it? We all should take responsibility for saving our Tamil by teaching it to our children. Now , listen to the discussion and enjoy..


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