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Friday, March 4, 2011

Thenkachi Ko.Swaminathan- about listening

Some of my friends questioned me about my caption (Enjoy the sense of Listening) under my blog's name.
Their doubt was in the word 'Listening'.They said that instead of the word Listening, I should use the word 'hearing'. But my opinion is..Hearing is like just passing by. On other hand, Listening is like analysing the matter. Now, there is a lot of difference. Isn't it?

But, If I say this, most of the people may not accept.Let us listen to what our favourite Thenkachi Ko.Swaminathan(Indru oru Thagaval,All aindia Radio and Sun tv fame) said. He explains the what hearing and listening are and the difference between these. We can understand clearly how much important and valuable listening  is.

He says about the steps in listening.

1. Hearing
2. understanding and
3. feedback.

So,hearing is the first step in listening. But in further,we should analyse the matter we heard.
Then we have to convey this to another person. This step shows us how clearly we observed the message.

And in the end he finishes the session as usual with a short but sweet joke .

Listen to Thenkachi Ko. Swaminathan ayya's speech about listening..
And Enjoy ur sense of Listening always..


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